Gran Sasso Filo Scozia Long Sleeve Shirt

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FiloScozia is a high quality knitted fabric in cotton with unique features such as gloss, softness and silkiness. It is the most valuable amongst the cotton yarns and can only be obtained from the noblest of long fiber cottons, such as Egyptian. FiloScozia is combed, to remove the shorter and weaker fibers.

It is resistant: because it is twisted and doubled, that is, it consists of two threads of identical quality. The twisting operation makes it more resilient. It is gassed, that is, it is skimmed over a gas flame to remove protruding fibers and acquire the ultimate in smoothness and brightness. it is mercerized in skeins: that is, immersed in a special bath with the fibers perfectly controlled in tension. The yarn thus treated is comfortable and resistant.

- Long Sleeve

- Full button down closure on front of garment

- Season - Summer

- Made in Italy

- 100% Cotton