Paul&Shark Kipawa Watershed Full Zip Hooded Jacket

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- KNS Kipawa F24 Vintage Yachting:

The Kipawa collection has been inspired by a sea legend, a wonderful historical boat named Kipawa: the gentlemen racer yacht of the Norwegian national class designed in 1937 by the extraordinary Norwegian designer Christian Jensen.

The sea, its philosophy, the unique and exclusive lifestyle have been part of Paul&Shark DNA since the very beginning. This is why Paul&Shark decided to adopt this legendary elegant vessel as a symbol of its love for beauty, performance and spirit of adventure by designing a collection for the Kipawa crew, expressly conceived to meet the requirements of the most expert sailors. 

- Watershed:

Watershed is a fluoro carbon free treatment which represents the implementation of natural principles turned into technical solutions.

Performance and sustainability.

- Season - Summer

- 100% Cotton, 100% Elastane