BRAX Evans Kapok & Pima Trouser | Perma Blue

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With the fabric NATURAL KAPOK, you have a very special pair of cotton trousers. The seed capsules of the kapok tree, which grows wild to a height of 70 metres in the rainforests, are picked by hand only. Its extraordinary lightness and remarkable silky feel make NATURAL KAPOK an exclusive luxury fabric. This natural fibre also known as vegetable silk or vegetable cashmere is the lightest heat regulating natural fibre in the world. The 2 – 4cm long hollow fibre with 80% trapped air creates a breathable and natural heat regulating effect. The fibre cools in the summer and warms in winter. Kapok is 6 times lighter than cotton so in comparison trousers of the same volume made with Kapok are 10% lighter.

- Classic fit

- French pockets at front

- 2 welt pockets with darts at back

- Sophisticated outrigger features

- Straight waistband extension

- 92% Cotton, 5% Kapok, 3% Elastane